Joseph Prince On Healing

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A collection of powerful truths on healing, specially selected from sermons preached over 10 years, in three revelation-packed discs!

Disc 1 - Dissolve Doubts On God's Healing: Dispel doubts and fears about God's willingness to heal you! Get biblical answers to tough questions such as, Does God really want to heal me? Does He give me sicknesses to chastise me? Do I have enough faith?

Disc 2 - Focus On The Finished Work: Understand the importance of focusing not on your sickness but on JesusÍ finished work. See how He bore your diseases on the cross, and how in Christ you are righteous and qualified to receive every blessing including health!

Disc 3 - Walk In God's Healing: Live healthier as you partake of the Holy Communion with revelation and regularity. Be encouraged by awesome testimonies and let Joseph lead you in a powerful time of Communion. See how you get stronger as you keep partaking!

Get hold of the many life-giving truths and awesome promises of God, and begin to experience the healing and health Jesus secured for you at Calvary!

Disc 1 Dissolve Doubts On God's Healing

Chapter 1: Is It GodÍs Will To Heal?
Chapter 2: Does God Use Sickness To Chastise Believers?
Chapter 3: What You Hear About Jesus Matters!
Chapter 4: I Know Jesus Is Able, But Is He Willing To Heal Me?
Chapter 5: Imperfect Faith Not A Barrier To GodÍs Grace
Chapter 6: Rest In JesusÍ Faith For Miracles
Chapter 7: Knowing You Are Forgiven Imparts Faith For Healing!
Chapter 8: Receive Your Miracle When Your Doubts Are Removed

Disc 2 Focus On The Finished Work

Chapter 1: The Life-Giving Power Of God's Word
Chapter 2: Focus On The Finished Work And Live!
Chapter 3: As Jesus Is, So Are You In This World!
Chapter 4: Believe You Are Righteous And Experience GodÍs Healing In Your Body!
Chapter 5: Feed On Jesus, The True Passover Lamb, And Experience Divine Healing!
Chapter 6: Prayer For The Sick

Disc 3 Walk In God's Healing

Chapter 1: How The Curse Is Reversed In Your Life
Chapter 2: The One Reason Believers Are Weak And Sick
Chapter 3: What It Means To Partake Unworthily
Chapter 4: Partake Of The Holy Communion As Often As You Can
Chapter 5: From Thirtyfold To Sixtyfold To A Hundredfold Manifestation Of Your Healing
Chapter 6: Every Time You Partake Of The Holy Communion, Believe You Are Getting Better!
Chapter 7: Partake Of The Holy Communion


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