Cover To Cover Bible Study - 10 Commandments




Discover what the Ten Commandments mean for us.

The Ten Commandments were not demands from a distance: they were intrinsically linked to Israel's covenant relationship with God. They touch on our relationship with Him, too, and they bring into relief vital issues that are highly relevant to life in the twenty-first century:

Consider the significance of loyalty - to God and to others
Understand the true meaning of taking the name of God 'in vain'
See how a concern for respect underlies some commandments... and more.

Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application and 'Seeing Jesus' sections make this a rich resource for group or individual study.

Mary Evans is former vice-principal at London School of Theology, and she taught there for thirty years. She also spent three years teaching at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa. She has written several books and commentaries and has been a visiting lecturer on every continent... except Antarctica.


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