Caring And Counselling



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Discover why people do the things they do – and help them change

Caring and Counselling provides a basic understanding of the proven Waverley Model of Counselling as developed and taught by CWR.

Its intriguing insights into the problems people face and how they can be helped are based on a biblical perspective and delivered in a readable style.

This book will be invaluable to anyone studying Christian counselling or thinking of doing so, and to anyone who wants to better understand and help people.
  • Develop your skills and understanding in pastoral care, people helping and counselling at any level
  • Discover the biblical basis of the Waverley Model of Counselling
  • Learn what every people helper should know
  • Deal with life's basic issues successfully.

Ron Kallmier MA (Educ), MAPS (Applied Psych), BA, BD, Dip RE

Ron is an experienced teacher, counsellor and pastor who served as CWR's Director of Training for five years and is now actively involved in the expanding ministry of CWR in Australasia.

A graduate of Sydney & Macquarie Universities in Sydney, Ron has pastored in three churches, worked as a high school pastor, teacher and counsellor, and he has also served as a denominational leader.


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