Christ Empowered Living



Paper Back Book


Christ Empowered Living is the culmination of a life spemnd service God and His people. The late Selwyn Hughes presents rich biblical insights that will revolutionise your apprach to the way you live your life. Renew your mind and discover a God who relates, thiks, feels and chooses.

This book will enable you to discover the way you were created to function and to live positively by drawing on the presence and power of God. Understand yourself and others better as you unravel your deepest longings, motives and patterns of thinking, and release your potential to trust God. It will help you to find security and personal significance as you unlock the secrets of living a Christ-empowerd life and learn how to give Christ access to the whole of your being and find a spiritual road map to a place where you can fulfil your God-blessed potential.


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