Cover to Cover : Habakkuk Choosing God's Way




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This study on Habakkuk follows the usual Cover to Cover Bible study format of seven study sessions with Bible readings, personal application and discussion questions.

Steve Bishop, author of Cover to Cover Bible Study: Haggai examines another Old Testament prophet, Habbakuk.

At a time when the Israelites were being ruled over by the Chaldeans, Habbakuk questions God about His divine plan.

How could God use wicked people to execute His purposes? Will sin go unpunished?

Is it worth being faithful to God?

In this short book, Habbakuk raises issues such as sin, righteousness and faithfulness with God and in the end declares that he will still ‘be joyful in the God my Saviour’ (Hab. 3:18).

A great basis for an interesting personal or group study of age old questions and issues which are still being asked today.


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