Cover to Cover Jonah Study Guide




We might recall the story of Jonah as being about a mighty fish. But really, it is about an almighty God who saves. Sent by God to Nineveh, Jonah turns to go in the opposite direction. In this remarkable journey, in which Jonah faces various trials and tribulations, he discovers the true character of his powerful and loving God.

The message of this reluctant prophet is applicable to every generation. In this seven-week study guide, join Christopher Brearley as he helps us explore how:
* Obedience to God is key
* God does not rebuke to destroy but to restore
* Our prayers are not only heard but answered 
* God protects those who put their trust in Him
* We can turn from sin and be guided by God
* God's love for us should influence our relationships
* No one can prevent God's purposes


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