Cover To Cover Lent Book - Prepared For Purpose





This lent study guide is ideal for small group study and the material requires minimal preparation required by the leader. There are six studies, each contains an integral leader's guide giving detailed background and helps, opening icebreakers, suggested prayers and discussion starters.

Jesus, the Son of God, did not function from His position of deity when He was here on earth. He laid aside His deity and took up our humanity. Although He experienced our weaknesses, He was anointed by the Holy Spirit and was therefore prepared for purpose. In this Lent Study Guide, Trevor J. Partridge draws the comparison that we, too, in our frail humanity, can be prepared for purpose by the Holy Spirit. The period of Lent represents the forty days which Jesus spent in the wilderness before the commencement of His ministry. He came out declaring the words of Isaiah, that the anointing was upon Him and that He was to fulfil the purposes of God. Lent can be the same for us.


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