Dave's Dizzy Doodles - Topz Secret Diary



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It's now the turn of Dave to let us in on his gripping Secret Diary. Normally the sensible one in the Gang who helps the others sort out their problems, it's now Dave who needs help. But he discovers that with God to turn to it's never too late.

It's the summer holidays and Dave's a bit put out that Benny is having a friend from France to stay and so won't have so much time for him. Their friendship hits an all time low as Dave allows his jealousy to take over. Then, after a day trip to Devon with his parents they announce that the family is actually moving there ... Dave's world is falling apart around him. Fortunately Greg, the youth leader, is on hand to offer Dave some excellent advice: talk to God. And of course God has a way of turning things around just when Dave thinks things will never be all right again.


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