Ecclesiastes - Cover to Cover Bible Study





Through seven stimulating studies, Christopher Brearley takes us through the book of Ecclesiastes. Probably one of the least-read books of the Bible, Ecclesiastes seeks to tackle the big issues of life and its meaning.

At first glance, the book can appear a depressing read, full of complaints about the meaninglessness and the monotony of life. But Ecclesiastes is relevant to every generation as it looks at the meaning of such things as work, pleasure, friendship and wisdom. In this study we uncover a perhaps surprising message that our lives do have meaning – if we look to the One ‘above the sun’.

Each session includes an ice breaker, suggested Bible readings, an introduction to the study, discussion starters and personal application sections. There is also a leader’s guide at the end of the booklet offering further information and ideas on how to lead each session. This Cover to Cover Bible study is equally well suited to individual or group use.


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