Ephesians - Cover to Cover Bible Study




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Discover what it means to be 'in Christ' and what a magnificent inheritance you have as a child of God.

Learn how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back spiritually and live in the abundance of all that God has already given you.
  • Take your seat on His throne
  • Be energised for life
  • Be dressed for spiritual success
and much more.

Seven stimulating sessions are supported by leader's notes, opening ice-breakers, Bible references, discussion starters, a 'Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures' section and suggestions for personal application.

Ideal for group or individual study.


Trevor J Partridge has a degree in Theology and has taught and preached in seminars, conferences and churches around the world.

This popular author and Bible teacher was involved in the ministry of CWR for 24 years, developing Waverley Abbey House and its training programmes, serving as Executive Director and making regular contributions to the 'Further study' section of our popular devotional Every Day with Jesus.

He is founder and director of New Horizon Ministries, a fresh initiative in pastoral care.


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