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Experiencing God at Home: A Bible Study for Parents by Tom and Richard Blackaby is not so much about getting better children, but about becoming God-honoring parents. And the fact that you're interested in this study suggests that you want to be that kind of parent or grandparent. It's ideally suited for mature parents and leaders at church to bring other parents together in a small-group setting of mutual encouragement. The study focuses on the Seven Realities of Experiencing God and equips you to respond and apply God's fresh work in your home.

Each week you'll gather to share, delve into biblical principles, talk about what worked as your family responds to God's leading, and make personal commitments. Weekly readings help you unpack what God is saying to you. And interactive Bible study, personal commitments, journaling, and practical applications affect the total experience to the extent that you are open to God. Prepare to be amazed by God and how He wants to use you and your home. 

"God's Word is not merely for a devotional thought; it gives us life (Psalm 119:50). You and your family cannot afford to miss it!" - Tom Blackaby in Experiencing God at Home


Family FoundationsGod Is Always at Work around YouGod Calls You into a Love RelationshipGod Invites You to Become Involved in His WorkGod Reveals Himself, His Purposes, and His WaysGod's Invitation to Work with Him Always Leads to a Crisis of BeliefYou Must Be Willing to Make Changes to Follow God's PlanExperiencing God through Obedience 


8 (opt. 9) sessionsJournaling spaceShort illustrations/real-life storiesWeekly readings

Richard Blackaby, president of Blackaby Ministries International, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Lisa. They have three amazing children: Mike, Daniel, and Carrie. Tom Blackaby serves as International Director for Blackaby Ministries International and resides with his wife, Kim, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their three great kids are Erin, Matt, and Conor. Henry and Marilynn Blackaby are parents to Richard and Tom.


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