Friends Rediscovered - Life Journeys DVD




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Join Jeff Lucas as he takes a close look at thepriceless gift of friendship, through the lifeand relationships of the apostle Paul.

Learn how to form authentic, kingdom-centredfriendships that will endure and become richerwith the years

Examine the power of love andencouragement, learn how to handle disappointing friends and what to do when we fall out.

In the four sessions of this superb resource for group and individualuse, Jeff will inspire you and your small group todeeper friendship with others and with God.Includes one DVD with four sessions entitled:
  • The Power of Love
  • Hopes and Disappointments
  • Falling Out
  • Friendship that Builds
and one booklet including discussion starters, prayers and four weeks of daily reading notes. Individual copies recommended for each group participant.

'My bible study has so enjoyed the DVD series by Jeff Lucas. His relaxed manner and wonderful insights have helped my group of "young Christians" grow.'– J Haskell


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