Globalisation - Life Issues Bible Study



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This latest Bible study in the Life Issues series is ideal for small group study or personal use. The four sessions contain relevant Bible passages, ideas for group discussion, case studies, opportunities for reflection and encouragement to practical action.

Globalisation is essentially interdependence - an interdependence that binds the whole world together. People sometimes talk of a `global marketplace' but the network of connections that make us all dependent on one another goes far beyond the economic. The four study sessions cover the headings of `What is Globalisation?', `Economic Ills in a Globalised World', `Creation' and finally `Think Globally, Act Locally' where we're encouraged to move from a global to a God's-eye view, employing Christian action that starts with the individual, then the family, next the local community, ending with the nation and indeed the whole world. The book concludes with a list of practical suggestions as to what Christians can do.


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