Cover to Cover Bible Study - Hebrews





These helpful guides in the Cover to Cover series are ideal for group and individual study. Experience the reality of Bible events like never before and live through the inspiring lives of key characters in Scripture. Learn how to apply God's Word to your life as you explore seven compelling sessions and gain a new depth in your Bible knowledge.HEBREWS: Jesus - simply the best.

The book of Hebrews is an invitation to deal with our uncertainties about faith in the best way possible - by looking to Jesus. Jesus is the eternal Son of God; brighter than angels; greater than Moses; He surpasses Aaron. Jesus has changed the course of history and launched a brand new era.

Jesus also introduces a new covenant, sealed in His own blood, dealing totally with sin and its consequences and bringing about a transformed life in those who believe.

Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application make this a rich resource for group or individual study.


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