Highway Code for Marriage





Build a loving, healthy and lasting marriage

Are you about to get married? Thinking of giving up on your marriage? Wanting to make your marriage even better?

Michael and Hilary Perrott have poured all their wisdom and experience into a book that will help you build, or rebuild, a sure foundation for your marriage.

You will discover that marriage can be the cold, dull, unstable relationship that the media so often describe, or a partnership like no other: comrades in a battle, companions on a journey, best friends, mates to work with, lovers to enjoy.

And you will learn, among many other things, the art of communication, the importance of respect and the necessity of forgiveness.

Tackling the highs and lows of relationships, The Highway Code for Marriage is an honest, often humorous, and definitely hope-filled book.

Packed full of sound advice and practical wisdom, in this handbook you will find:
  • Marriage takes more than love – a lot more!
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • The marriage that lasts for life.


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