Insight Into Dementia (Rosemary Hurtley)



Paper Back Book


Insight into Dementia is a deeply informative book which begins by looking at the causes of dementia, ageing, facts, symptoms and common misunderstandings, the journey into and through the illness and what this will mean for both the sufferer and their loved ones. The author deals comprehensively with the care of the dementia sufferer, treatment and support and explores the help available, with an emphasis on occupational therapy. The book then goes on to examine issues regarding care homes - the advantages and disadvantages. There is also helpful advice with regard to the spiritual care of the dementia patient – the meeting of spiritual needs, church and community support. Thoughtful and professional in approach, this book seeks to help those caught up in the maelstrom of dementia by examining options available during the ‘long bereavement’ of the illness. It includes sensitive pieces to assist the reader such as activities, reflections.


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