Insight into Self-Esteem (Soft Cover)



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Brought out in this new paperback format.
Written by Chris Ledger and Wendy Bray and based on Chris's Insight into Self-Esteem day at Waverley. This is a book for those struggling with issues of low self-esteem or who are wanting to help others. 

We often find it a struggle to feel consistently `good enough' and maintain a healthy self-esteem, which can colour and contaminate areas of our lives and relationships. Insight into Self-Esteem shows us that `cultivating a healthy self-esteem grows from a deepening relationship with God, as we know Him more, in and through Jesus Christ.' 

Issues covered include:
* What is self-esteem?
* How self-esteem develops
* How low self-esteem affects our relationship with God
* Improving self-esteem


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