It Must Be Love



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Since its publication in 2008, Gram Seed's autobiography, One Step Beyond, has been met with huge enthusiasm. The powerful story of a notorious criminal turned ambassador for Christ, touched the lives of many readers, including those behind bars. It Must Be Love picks up where One Step Beyond left off, giving an update on the development of Gram's charity, Sowing Seeds Ministries, and drawing together the testimonies of the charity's team members and some of those whom they support. Sowing Seeds Ministries aims to reach out to young people in trouble with the law, as Gram was, help them to find faith and turn their lives around, and support the families of these young people. This second book is no less gripping than the first, giving readers another glimpse of God's transforming power and an insight into how He can work through just one person to change the lives of countless others. 


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