Cover to Cover Bible Study - Joshua 1-10 Bible study Hand in Hand with God





In the book of Joshua, God suddenly begins the fulfilment of a promise -- after years of waiting, the time has come for Him to work together with His people. But these passages are not just about a group of people who lived long ago; they are about the God who lives in and among His people today.

In this seven-week study guide, join Phin Hall and consider how Joshua, and indeed all God’s people, can find strength and courage in God’s promises.

Learn, as the Israelites came to understand, that:

God wants to involves us in His work

There is no one beyond the reach of God’s grace

God wants us to bear witness to His work

Our relationship with God must take priority

God’s ways are best, even when they don’t make sense to us

Obedience to God is important – it’s a reflection of our love for Him

Even when we make mistakes, God is faithful


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