Judges 1-8 Cover to Cover Bible Study




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Discover how the book of Judges is all about faith

The Israelites were stuck in a cycle of sinning, supplicating, salvation and sinning again.

Each time they called on God for deliverance, He provided a specially anointed leader, called a judge, to deliver them.

But far from learning from their mistakes, the Israelites got progressively worse as they repeated the cycle in a downward spiral, falling further and further from the God who loved them.

Through this insightful study you will discover that the book of Judges is a book about faith - the importance of faith, what can be achieved when we work together with God, how faith can be demonstrated in the way we live, God's commitment to growing and shaping our faith, and things that can damage our faith.

Seven sessions with icebreakers, discussion starters, leader's notes and more make this study ideal for individual or small-group use.


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