Keep Calm And Puzzle On - Bible Word Searches


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book


Keep calm. . .
. . .and puzzle on.

If you like Bible word searches, you’ll love this book. Here are 99 puzzles to expand your Bible knowledge and test your word search skills, as thousands of search words—each one selected from the King James Version of the Bible—await your discovery. You’re in for hours of fun!

Keep Calm and Puzzle On: Bible Word Searchescontains two types of puzzles. You’ll find traditional word search lists, with 18–35 entries based on a common theme, as well as scripture passages with the search words printed in bold type. When a phrase is bold and underlined, those words will be found together in the puzzle grid. Answers, of course, are provided.

There’s not much else to say, other than this: Keep calm and puzzle on!


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