Love Life & See Good Days - 2 DVDs (Joseph Prince)


Joseph Prince Ministries


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Do you know that God really wants you to love life and see good days? And that He delights in seeing you reign in every area of your life? This invaluable DVD album by Joseph Prince will help you discover how such a life is possible. You will be amazed by the provision that God has made for your success and the extent of divine authority that He has placed within your grasp. Combat the stresses of everyday life with the heavenly weapons that God has placed in your hands and find yourself in a place of supernatural rest and victory! 2-DVD Album (2 sermons—approx. total duration: 2hr 38min) Disc 1: The Power Of The Amen (Approx.: 1hr 16min) Disc 2: How To Love Life And See Good Days (Approx.: 1hr 22min)


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