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Read how Trevor Partridge’s personal journey has led him to ask how the church can help people who struggle with the everyday issues and circumstances of life, and how he believes the answer is to be found in the rediscovery of the ‘paraclesis’ ministry of the New Testament. He addresses whether the time has come to redress the balance between pastoral care in the church and professional input, and suggests it is time to call forth the paraclesis – coming alongside other – ministry.

As God initiates the vertical, reaching down, so we initiate the horizontal, reaching out, becoming His tangible presence in someone else’s life – love with skin on – The help we receive from God is not simply for our benefit alone. Our hard times not only give us opportunity to receive His grace and comfort but they open a door of opportunity to reach out to others

A vital read for all those concerned with how best the church can care for others, and ultimately impact and care for those in the wider community.

Love With Skin On deepens our understanding of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, and will inspire those who grasp this concept to adopt this new initiative in their small groups and churches.


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