Cover to Cover Lent Study Guide: Magnificent Jesus



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In this new Lent study guide, Wendy Virgo explores the rich images in John's Gospel which reveal Jesus as the magnificent Saviour who meets all our needs.

We follow Jesus' ministry, as His encounters with ordinary people unfold new aspects of His character: the woman by the well learns of Jesus as the Water of Life; the hungry multitude find the Bread of Life; the blind man sees the Light of the World; the disciples recognise the Good Shepherd. And as Jesus draws nearer to the cross, we see Him as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and, ultimately, the Resurrection and the Life.
Key passages from the Old Testament are also unpacked to show how Jesus fulfils the prophecies about the coming Saviour.

With opening icebreakers, suggested prayers and discussion starters and more, this guide is ideal for small group study and the material requires minimal preparation by the leader.


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