Make Every Day Count For The Rest Of Your Life - 2 DVDs


Joseph Prince Ministries


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Each day is a gift from the Lord and He has a fail-safe way you can make every day count! In two inspiring messages, Joseph Prince shows you how you can live each day with and for the Lord, and how He can redeem your time spent, including your ÒwastedÓ days or years. Learn from the life of Solomon what will truly fulfill you and what will only leave you empty. Discover also how to be established on the only foundation that will enable you to enjoy lifeÕs blessings to the fullestÑJesus. Begin to live each day with divine purpose, excitement, and fulfillment for the rest of your life!

This DVD Album contains 2 sermons with 2 DVDs (approx. total duration: 2hr 51min)

1. How To Make Every Day Count For The Rest Of Your Life! (Approx. 1hr 17min)

2. Find True Fulfillment In Life (Approx. 1hr 34min)


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