Making Disciples: How Did Jesus Do It?



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JesusÕ command in what we now know as the great commission is vital to our understanding of our mission today. Explore how important discipleship was to Jesus from the very first moment he said, ÔCome, follow me,Õ to his command to Ôgo and make disciples of all nationsÕ Ð and how relevant it is to each of us in the twenty-first century.

Delving into the life-experience of Jesus and the twelve he chose to disciple personally, we discover how discipleship could look in your life, church and community, and how to practically implement such relationships.

Packed with practical suggestions, real-life examples and exploratory questions, this book is the perfect resource for anyone committed to following Jesus, whether new to the faith or more experienced in the Christian life; or for church or group leaders.

Author Bio;

Tony Pullin not only writes on discipleship, but lives discipleship as one who has for many years experienced both being discipled and discipling others. *Foreword by international author, speaker and broadcaster Jeff Lucas.


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