Never Odd or Even CD



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Heralded as "Christian hip hop's most distinguished and gifted freshman," the multi-instrumentalist and pop/urban singer Shonlock learned his craft in the clubs of Chicago before working as choreographer for Aaliyah and later a dancer with Arrested Development.

An important emerging voice on the new spirit-filled pop & urban scene, Deshon "Shonlock" Bullock takes his sonic inspiration from R&B and contemporary pop and rock music, finding a high energy groove in the fields of the Lord. A master showman who sold more than 15,000 CDs out-of-trunk to newly converted fans at his concerts, Shonlock shares his connection to God's love, and his love of God's music, with his audience every time he hits the stage.

Tracks Include:

  • Something In Your Eyes
  • Could U Be
  • Hello
  • Simple Man
  • Bet Ya House
  • Set It Off
  • You Act LIke
  • Cheers
  • Scarred
  • Monsta
  • Q2go
  • Get Free
  • Neveroddoreven


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