One: Living the Single Life



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Many men and women struggle to come to terms with the thought, or the reality, of singleness. Until it is viewed as an equally viable lifestyle to marriage, singles will continue to feel marginalised. This book outlines Julia Morgan's own journey as a single person, but also explores some of the honest struggles and victories of other people, whether they are single as a result of being unmarried, widowed, divorced or separated. Whilst we cannot always control our circumstances, we can make choices regarding our attitudes and actions, whether to serve wholeheartedly the one true God, whatever that may mean for us, and wherever it may take us, or whether to live primarily for ourselves and our own desires. Covered are themes such as: The singles scene; The biblical perspective on singleness; God's will and free choice; The precious jewel of singleness; The passionate search; Singles in our churches.


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