Pens At Christmas: Special Edition PB




It's Christmastime in Pens' town and something special is about to happen. Sharpy's friends are busy getting ready, but he's not sure what for! He wonders why Max and Denzil are worrying about costumes, why Marco's making wings, why Gloria is learning lines and why Philippa is fussing about rehearsals.

Then Sharpy discovers he has a part to play too ... The Pens characters are planning to put on a Nativity play to celebrate a very special birthday -- Jesus' birthday! In all the excitement, Sharpy learns what Christmas is all about as Pens act out the true story of God sending His Son into the world so that we could know what God is like and become friends with Him.
This short story is followed by five days of Bible readings, thoughts and prayers, based on the birth of Jesus, to help young children discover the meaning of Christmas.


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