Pens: Helping And Serving



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Helping Hands is is one of the next 3 books in a new and exciting resource for 3- to 6-year-olds created to draw young children closer to God every day through Bible readings, stories and prayers.

Beautifully illustrated, the Pens characters bring the Bible to life as parents and children alike grow to know and love Squiggle & Splodge, Gloria Glitter Pen, Denzil the Pencil, Charlotte Chalk, Marco Marker, Waxy Max, Philippa Felt Pen and their pet Sharpie. Each day has a Bible reading, a prayer and a story to help understand and apply the day's main thought.

Each individual book contains a mix of Bible stories and stories focussed on the Pens' daily lives, each linked to the subject of the Bible passages. Creative and fun and bound to become a family favourite.

Helping Hands explores the practical theme of how we can love and serve God by being kind and helpful and how we can put Him first in our lives as our most important Friend. The topics are: I Want to Serve; Samuel, God's Servant; My Number One!; Jesus Goes Visiting (the story of Martha and Mary).


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