Precious Princess: The Bridesmaid & Village Fair HC



Hard Cover Book

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Daisy's adventures start when her Grandad, who always called her his pretty, precious princess, gives her a book full of precious secrets. But it is not just any book - it is a portal to Bible times.

In The Bridesmaid, Daisy is so excited about her auntie's wedding that all she can think about is her bridesmaid's dress. When she starts to pester, forgetting that she isn't the centre of attention, she is sent to sit quietly on her own. Her special book takes her off to a wedding in Bible times.

In Village Fair, Daisy gets excited when she not only meets a celebrity at her local fair, but she has her photo taken with him. When she reads her special book later that evening, she is carried off to a Bible story in which a poor, bent lady is healed just by touching Jesus' cloak. Like Daisy, the lady had left home that morning hoping to meet someone famous. But Daisy realises that meeting Jesus is far more important than any TV celebrity.


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