Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book On Jesus



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Professor Bumblebrain won't mind being described as a little bit big-headed! He needs a big head to house his extraordinarily large brain! And in his latest Bonkers Book, the Professor turns his oversized cranium to the task of introducing Jesus.
Beginning with the part of the story many people think they know -- the birth of Jesus -- the Professor explodes the myths and muddles surrounding Jesus' life with fascinating facts and amazing anecdotes from the Bible.
Readers will discover, among other things: why Jesus came to earth; the wonderful miracles He performed; His part in God's great rescue plan; and how we can know Him today.
Included towards the end is a suggested prayer for those who want to commit their lives to Jesus.
In this next book by writer and illustrator Andy Robb, children will meet the real Jesus, the One who loves them and wants to be their Saviour and Friend.


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