Right Place Right Time - 2CD Set


Joseph Prince Ministries

CD/DVD Package

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There are no coincidences only God incidences where you find yourself at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Child of God, such fruitful God moments can be part and parcel of your life! In two exciting eye-opening messages by Joseph Prince, be encouraged as you discover how Christ's sacrifice has made it possible for you to experience God moments every day. Watch this truth come to pass time and time again in the story of Ruth. See how God's favour changed her whole life - from being an outcast to being accepted, from poverty to riches from being a widow to being the wife of a loving husband. When you acknowledge that God is a good God and rest in His Son's finished work, you will see His unmerited favour ushering you into even more right place, right time blessings!


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