The School Fete Fiasco & Other Calamaties: Sparky Smart from Priory Park



Paper Back Book

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Meet Sparky and the Smarts – an ordinary family who frequently find themselves in extraordinary situations! 

Stanley’s fantastic forecast: Sparky’s brother Stanley is definitely a weather enthusiast – and he’s entering a competition that could win him the chance to write for a newspaper! Will things go to plan, and will he get a step closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a TV weatherperson? 

Hospital havoc: Mrs Smart has to stay in hospital for a little while, so Auntie Bella and the crinkly cousins return to Priory Park to ‘help out’ the family in the meantime… what could possibly go wrong?! 

Llamas, shorts and the fateful fete: The school summer fete is coming up, and Mrs Smart is in charge of sorting out the donkey rides – but there are no donkeys! The pressure’s on – will Sparky and Grandad be able to help? 


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