Split the Sky CD: Chris Quilala


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This, Chris' first solo album, will surprise many, firstly because it mainly contains songs not suitable for congregational worship and secondly, because the arrangements and overall musical approach demonstrated on 'Split The Sky' could almost be pigeonholed prog rock though a more accurate classification would be synth pop. Swirling synthesiser-based soundscapes crash like breakers on the sea shore surrounding the vocalist almost as a picture of how Chris feels impacted by the Holy Spirit. "The Length Of The Cross" moves the sound into a time warp as an early '80s vibe is developed, the synth bouncing along, electronic percussion, sustained electric guitar chords and multi-layered vocals asking how far would God go to reach someone. This is a powerful affirmation of faith with a passionate and gripping vocal from Chris. "Reign" demands that King Jesus must lead in life as thundering drums force a searing guitar solo across the banks of popping and whistling synthesiser sounds. High production values, strong melodies and positive and thought-provoking lyrics all make for a top notch album.


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