The Ark Of The Covenant - 5 DVD Set (Joseph Prince)

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Joseph Prince Ministries


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What is the Ark of the Covenant? Is it just an ancient relic? A mystical item sought after in famous films? Join Joseph Prince as he reveals biblical truths about the Ark of the Covenant and learn how it represents the presence of God in the Old Testament! In five eye-opening messages about the different aspects of the Ark, you’ll discover: How valuing the presence of God opens the door to success God’s answer of deliverance in times of need Why you can live with confidence for the future Powerful truths about God’s protection for you and your family How you can be in alignment with God’s plans for your life Take this journey to uncover the significance of the Ark, and begin to experience the miracles you need!

5-DVD Box Set (5 sermons—approx. total duration: 7hr 50min)

1: Christ Revealed In The Ark Of The Covenant (Approx. 1hr 42min)

2: Unleash The Sound Of Victory! (Approx. 1hr 39min)

3: The God Who Goes Before You (Approx. 1hr 42min)

4: Find Hope And Refuge In Dark Times (Approx. 1hr 32min)

5: Bring Back Jesus The Ark In The Context Of Grace (Approx. 1hr 15min)


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