The Dog who thought his name was ‘No’

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Judy has experienced some drama in her life...

She rode a camel up a mountain in the dark... spoke to inmates in a high security prison... was given a gift from an orphan... even came face to face with a gun in her classroom.

These experiences have taught her some key truths - particularly about the way we view ourselves and God. Just as a dog who heard the word 'No' so often he thought it was his name, the words we hear directed at us can shape our identity and influence our beliefs. Judy shares her stories and invites you to explore, in a humorous yet profound way, how you can tune into God's voice and let Him transform your thinking.

'Judy has wisdom, humour and a talent with words. I love her book, and I think you will as well.' Adrian Plass

'With humour and depth, Judy Moore shares real-life stories that bring the Bible to life. Don't miss this little gem!' Amy Boucher Pye (author of Finding Myself in Britain)
'Judy's words come from the heart and sparkle with warmth, wit and wisdom.' Jeff Lucas


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