The Monster Within DVD




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A Hell's Angel president tells how he encountered Jesus in Dartmoor Prison and how it changed his life

Brian Greenaway relates in his own words his experiences of being bullied as a child, rejected by his family, and seeking self-worth and comfort in a life of crime, violence, drink and drugs. Then God made Himself known to Brian and changed him from a 'monster' to a 'messenger'!

His conversion to Christ changed his life forever, and he has spent the last thirty-two years introducing thousands of prison inmates to Jesus, setting them on the same road to restoration he is on. 

This inspiring tale of God's grace and His willingness to use any of us, whatever we've done, will encourage and amaze you, and it makes a great evangelistic tool as well.

Ideal for individual or small-group use.

Sub-title option for the hearing impaired.


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