The Time Of Your Life




Following the success of Marie's earlier book, As Time Goes By, a charming book of 52 modern-day parables, personal stories, poems and reflections first delivered by Marie Kane-Dudley on the radio, Marie has now written a second volume of similarly thought-provoking and insightful parables, stories and reflections to challenge and inspire faith in readers both young and old. These stories are interspersed with beautiful poems, the imagery further broadening our understanding of the main themes. 

Many of the thoughts in this book grew from events in Marie's own life; memories which may resonate with those who are older, `in their golden years'. For younger readers Marie brings insight into a bygone age - with her simple real-life stories from which we can learn important truths - a principle learnt from Jesus' life and teaching. Marie concludes with simple prayers which aid the reader to make their own response and draw nearer to God - the God who cares about us, whatever time of our life we are in, and whom we will each meet face-to-face in eternity.


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