There Are No Strong People DVD





Winner Adult Media Product of the Year 2014 - Christian Resources Together

Taking material from his recently published book of the same title and filmed on location in Israel, Jeff Lucas traces the footsteps of history's most famous strongman, Samson, and examines some vital questions for men and women today:

How do we all embrace a sense of destiny for our lives, knowing that we are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses?

  • Are there common traps that we should avoid, so that we don't squander the blessing of God -- and what does God want to do with our worst failures?
  • Does being a giving, peaceable person really make for a better life, especially when we are disappointed with others?
  • We often hear of Christians stumbling into immorality. What steps can we take to make sure today that this doesn't happen tomorrow?

The four-part DVD is designed for use by small groups or individuals and each session ends with on-screen questions for group discussion. Whether or not you’ve already benefited from reading the book, this DVD will bring the story of Samson alive in a fresh way.

Sub-title option for the hearing impaired.


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