TOPZ Secret Stories #3: One Too Many For Benny




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The third in the popular new series, Topz Secret Stories, One Too Many for Benny features the Topz gang once again up close and personal in their dealings with their rivals the Dixons.

Benny from Topz is fed up with the Dixons gang, especially Clyde who always seems to be looking for trouble. When Clyde starts to play mean pranks on Topz, Benny decides enough is enough. But Greg, who leads Sunday Club, steps in and encourages Benny to pray for Clyde. Maybe things are not quite as they seem -- there's a new arrival in town and Clyde isn't acting like himself. Who is this Ashley and why does Clyde seem upset?

Written by Alexa Tewkesbury, this book is a must-read for Topz fans, but can also be enjoyed by those who aren't familiar with the Topz Gang.


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