TOPZ Secret Stories #6: The Cloudgate Mystery




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The sixth in the popular new series, Topz Secret Stories, The Cloudgate Mystery features the Topz gang once again up close and personal in their dealings with their rivals the Dixons.

Sixteen-year-old Lizzi is a budding artist. To raise funds for her trip to Paris she's helping to run an art course for just twenty children in Holly Hill. Desperate to be chosen, Clyde from the Dixons Gang creates a mysterious piece he calls 'The Cloudgate.' But when no one understands, he feels like giving up. Together with Lizzi, members of the Topz Gang help to persuade Clyde that he has real talent. They learn the lesson that regardless of what other people may think, all our efforts matter to God and He will always be there to help and affirm us.

Written by Alexa Tewkesbury, this book is a must-read for Topz fans, but can also be enjoyed by those who aren't familiar with the Topz Gang.


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