TOPZ Secret Stories: Dixons and the Wolf




This honest and heart-warming brand new book in the Topz series shows how Christian children can help their non-Christian friends when they're in trouble.
Rick, the leader of the Dixons Gang has a secret. Since, his dad left town it's been tough at home but now he's found something to cheer him up. Only Sarah, one of the Topz Gang knows what it is - she's the one who saw him walking along the street with a black dog wearing a red collar, looking like he didn't want anyone to see where he was going ...
Topz and Dixons don't usually talk to each other but this time, Sarah and Rick have something in common. They both love dogs and they want the best for Rick's new friend, Wolf. They decide to hide him out of sight from anyone who'll ask questions but with a secret to keep, trouble is just around the corner.
Sarah's worried. Is Rick telling the truth about Wolf? And why is he being so friendly to her when Topz usually hate Dixons?


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