TOPZ Secret Stories: Dixons Den




This brand new book in the Topz series will delight children and show them how Christian children can help their non-Christian friends to discover God.
Saf is new to Holly Hill. Her mum has just died and she's not there by choice. Sad, angry and vulnerable, Saf is reluctant to get to know the Topz Gang who always seem to be talking about God.
Instead she befriends Kevin, one of the Dixons Gang who never hang out with Topz. Kevin knows what it is like to lose a parent and shows Saf the secret location of the Dixons' den. But, when the other Dixons find out, they are furious and make trouble. So Saf decides that she can't trust anyone; she avoids Topz and Dixons, starts lying to her dad and is unkind to her little brother. But the more she isolates herself and leaves God out of the problem, the worse things become ...
Written by Alexa Tewkesbury, this book is a must-read for Topz fans, but can also be enjoyed by those who aren't familiar with the Topz Gang.


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