Travelling Through Life Every Day For New Christians - Book




A 32-page full-colour booklet with 30 undated days of Bible readings, presenting foundational truths, Jeff Lucas has written this booklet to help those starting out on their Christian journey. The themes Jeff covers include; a daily relationship with God, seeking first the kingdom, obedience, church and community, growth and transformation, faith and suffering, freedom, discipline, perseverance, justice and purpose. This is ideal for giving to someone to encourage, inform and answer some of those questions all new Christians have as they come to terms with a whole new way of living and a whole new way of thinking.

In conjunction with this book we have also produced a DVD in which, along with his teaching, Jeff talks with and interviews various Christians on their walk with the Lord. A booklet with the same teaching as Travelling Through Life Every Day for New Christians accompanies the DVD with opening icebreakers, discussion starters, and prayers, ideal for groups as well as individuals.


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