Wisdom For Living



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We all want to live well but at times the advice on offer is contradictory and we can find ourselves drifting uncertainly. As we seek to answer the question `What are the rules for living?' we should look no further than God's blueprint for life as found in the book of Proverbs. Wisdom for Living is a 60 day devotional featuring both the full text of Selwyn Hughes' insightful Every Day with Jesus Bible-reading notes of the same name on this precious Bible book, and each recommended daily Scripture reading. Also, at the back of the book, the full text of Proverbs in the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation is printed, giving readers everything they need to get maximum understanding of and benefit from these God-ordained rules for living under the one cover. Printed in softback format this book will make an ideal purchase or gift for anyone who wants to delve deeper into God's wisdom for living.


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