Woman to Woman




Written by a variety of women from many walks of life - Elaine Storkey, Roz Derges, Gail Dixon, Jane Follet, Jeannette Barwick and Lynn Penson, this book is based on the popular CWR course which has been run here and overseas by the Women at Waverley team and has developed over a number of years. It will help women all around the world to be equipped to lead, help and minister to women in small or large groups or one-to-one. Broken into three parts, starting with Part 1:The Foundations - the big picture: our world view, the biblical model, biblical place of women, 21st-century culture and women. Part 2: Personal Foundations - Living the life, Discovering your place/spiritual gifts, Establishing the right foundations, Mission, vision and goals, Understanding yourself (MBTI), Listening to God. Part 3 -Practical working with others: Cross cultural ministry in the local church, Designer Living, Understanding and working with others. Helping hurting people, Presentation skills/Communication, Leading groups.


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