99 Secret Message Bible Word Search Puzzles: A New Twist on a Classic Favorite!


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book


Psst. . .here’s the secret to Bible puzzle fun:
99 Bible word search puzzles with BONUS trivia!

If you enjoy Bible word searches, you’ll love 99 Secret Message Bible Word Search Puzzles—puzzles with a twist.

Drawn from the breadth and depth of the King James Version, these puzzles each provide a brief passage with search words highlighted. And when the puzzle is solved, there’s the bonus: The leftover letters spell out a “secret message,” a Bible trivia question related to the puzzle theme.

99 Secret Message Bible Word Search Puzzles is the perfect way to pass time on winter nights, long flights or car trips, or at the waiting room of the doctor or BMV. Bible word searches and Bible trivia. . .the secret to Bible puzzle fun!


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