A Bouquet of Brides Collection: For Seven Bachelors, This Bouquet of Brides Means a Happily Ever After



Paper Back Book


Meet seven American women who were named for various flowers. 

Holly and Ivy by Mary Davis (1890, Washington State)
Holly Harrison accompanies her younger sister on her trip across the country to be a mail-order bride. Along the way Holly loses her own heart to a fellow traveler.
Periwinkle in the Park by Kathleen Kovach (1910, Colorado)
Periwinkle Winfield is a hiking guide helping to commission a national park. A run-in with a mountain man who is determined to keep the government off his land may place her in great danger.
At Home with Daffodils by Paula Moldenhauer (1909, Oklahoma)
Dilly Douglas must accept the heart of her childhood sweetheart when returns to town, instead of letting the old wound he opens keep them apart.
A Song for Rose by Suzanne Norquist (1882, Rockledge, Colorado)
Patrick O’Donnell, is a tenor disillusioned by the performance industry, He must convince Rose Miller that there is more to music than her dream of joining an opera company.
Beauty in a Tansy? by Donita K. Paul (1918, South Dakota)
Tansy Terrell was named after a weed. When she opens shop next door, Arthur Blake recognizes Tansy's need to be valued as a beautiful flower. 
A Prickly Affair by Donna Schlachter (1885, Arizona)
"Cactus" Lil Duncan is a cowgirl who longs for true love. She is afraid to let down her rough exterior when a city slicker from New York City, with less-than-honorable intentions, tries to win her heart and her hand.
In Sheep’s Clothing by Pegg Thomas (1702, Connecticut)
Peter Maltby is good looking, charming and works in the new mill fulling wool. Yarrow Fenn is afraid he is the Crown’s agent in disguise who will destroy the only livelihood she has.


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