Dive In! Kids' Study Bible - New Life Version


Barbour Publishing Inc

Flexibound Hard Cover Book


Want to know God better?
Then learn to study His Word!
This exciting Dive In! Kids’ Study Bible will guide you into a lifelong adventure of learning. Combining the easy-to-understand New Life™ Version text and 36 colorful inserts that explain the why’s and how’s of Bible study, it’s perfect for kids ages 8 to 12. Inside, you’ll find

  • reasons to study the Bible
  • fascinating background on scripture
  • how to dive into God’s Word to learn it for yourself

Plus, you’ll be guided through your own study of

  • Bible characters like Hannah and Noah
  • important words like forgive and tempt
  • key scriptures like Romans 12:1–2

The Dive In! Kids’ Study Bible will show you how to approach God’s Word in fresh and exciting ways. Make a big splash—go deep into scripture yourself!


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